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Fergus, Ontario, Canada

Aviotec International has been selected to serve as the Heliport Technical Expert for the replacement of the Groves Memorial Community Hospital at a greenfield site near Fergus, Ontario.


The replacement Hospital is being developed through a Public-Private-Partnership process whereby a consortium will be selected to design-build-finance the new facility.


Aviotec is part of the Stantec Architecture Team that is leading the planning, design and compliance aspects of the project.


Aviotec's specific scope on the Project will be to:


  • Prepare a Heliport Feasibility Study (in order to select a suitable site, develop a concept plan and address the various zoning, safety and operational considerations);

  • Consult with Transport Canada, Nav Canada and the air ambulance operator (Ornge); 

  • Participate in the Site Plan Approval process with the local municipal authorities;

  • Prepare a Project Specific Outline Specification and other documents for inclusion in the bid package;

  • Review and evaluate consortium bids; and

  • Ensure compliance of the Heliport designs and the as-constructed facility.


The Hospital is expected to be operational by mid-2019.

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