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Monrovia, Liberia

Aviotec International, in association with CPCS Transcom and DKMA, undertook a Logistics Service Provider Market Study for the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group).


Following a brutal civil war and other crises (Ebola outbreak), the country has struggled to develop its logistics infrastructure to support potential export markets and to supply its businesses and growing economy.   


The aim of the first part of the study was to assess the capacity of the existing cargo logistics market, and to identify future market opportunities and the conditions and infrastructure necessary to attract and retain each. Export market opportunities included perishables (fruits and vegetables), fresh fish, and precious metals/gems.


The second part of the study involved the feasibility of developing a new common-use air cargo facility at Roberts International Airport in Monrovia.  The scope of this component included preparation of an air cargo traffic forecast, facility site selection, conceptual design development, CAPEX and OPEX requirements, financial plan, and review of the institutional framework required to support the development.


The study was completed in April 2016.

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