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Aviotec - 25-Year Concession for Air Cargo Operations at Roberts International Airport, Liberia

Global Logistics Services Inc. (GLS) was selected by the Liberian National Investment Commission, from among a number of international consortia, to negotiate a long-term concession agreement for air cargo operations at Roberts International Airport in the country's capital, Monrovia. Aviotec International will support GLS with Technical Consulting, Development Management and Operations/Management Advisory.

The scope and framework of the concession is based on a Logistics Market and Cargo Facility Feasibility Study which was completed in April 2016 for the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group) by Aviotec International, in association with CPCS Transcom and DKMA.

The concession is expected to involve the Design, Build, Finance, Operation, Maintenance and Transfer (DBFOMT) of a new air cargo handling facility over a 25-year period. GLS is expecting to make capital investments in the order of $11 million USD during the concession period. The centerpiece of the investments will be a new modern air cargo handling facility with an initial building footprint of 2,700 square meters and capable of handling 7,200 tonnes of cargo annually. Ultimately, the facility will be able to handle up to 15,300 tonnes of cargo. The building will include special storage areas/rooms to handle perishable/frozen goods and pharmaceuticals (under four temperature zones: 15-25 Celsius, 2-25 Celsius, 2-8 Celsius and -18 Celsius), and valuable, vulnerable and dangerous goods.

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